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Other Retailers

Retailers that don't have a dedicated information page on this site for various reasons.

Other Retailers:

Marvel Opticsmarveloptics.com
Marvel is BBB-accredited with an A- rating. Frames technically start at $5.99 (with free 1.499 index single vision lenses), though you have to get up to about the $24.99 mark before you've started getting into a real selection, putting them in the middle of the discount price range. Bifocal, Progressive, and free-form lenses add about $19, $36, and $40 respectively. Lens indexes of up to 1.74 are offered. AR, UV, and tinted coatings add $6/$5/$5. Polarized lenses can be had as a $30 upgrade – photochromic/transitions lenses on the other hand don't appear to be available. The site itself has a clean, fluid feel to it, a virtual try-on feature is available, the site is easy to use, and mouse-over popups are well written in terms that are easy to understand. I didn't come across anything that would disqualify them from getting a full-page listing on EGRR during my brief look, so a dedicated page will likely be added in the future.

Eyeglass Universeeyeglassuniverse.com
Eyeglass Universe is a relative newcomer to the online eyeglass industry, but appears to be steadily improving both their site and web presence over time. Frame prices range from $6.95 to approximately $200. For those looking for glasses on the discount end, almost 2000 frames are listed in the under-$40 range, though that includes duplicates in different colors. At the low end of that price range, it's not until around the $10 mark that you start to move into something of a selection. Upgrading lens types is well-priced, but options such as AR/Anti-Scratch/UV are very expensive at $59+/$12/$8 respectively and quickly push a purchase out of the discount price range. Information in the help section is quite good, with "factoids" bordering the right side of the page. The website lacks any form of virtual "try-on" feature, but is well thought out and quite usable. Eyeglass Universe carries a selection of contact lenses as well – it's worth noting that they list the "true" price you pay (not price after rebate), and thus far do not appear to charge the imaginary "handling" fee that the major contact lens outlets charge, so may be worth looking into if looking for a straightforward price for contact lenses. Midwest Optical Associates (the owner of Eyeglass Universe) is BBB-accredited with an A- rating.

Lenses RX sells glasses with single-vision, bi-focal, and progressive lenses. The focus appears to be on name-brand designer frames, with typical brands (Guess, Nike, Vogue, etc) tending to start around the $100 mark for the frames (and a minimum $30 additional for the lenses). They are listed by the BBB with a D- rating. LensesRX may get a dedicated information page on the EGRR site at some point in the future as a name brand frame retailer – while they do offer discount frames, to hit a reasonable selection you must spend at least $60 ($30 frames + $30 lenses + shipping) which currently excludes them from a listing as a discount retailer.

Offerings are largely limited to non-prescription sunglasses, though a selection of reading glasses is carried as well. EyeSave carries a number of name brand designer glasses (non-prescription). As a ballpark number, Nike frames start at about $50 and Ray-Ban start at about $95. Shipping is $6.95 within the US, with International Shipping handled through another company (shipping cost not listed on website). They carry an A+ rating with the BBB. Because they do not offer prescription distance/bifocal/progressive lenses, they do not qualify for a dedicated review page on EGRR at this time.

Carries a small selection of frames beginning at $40 + shipping including single-vision lenses. Bifocals and progressives offered as well. Prescription section of ordering page is very un-intuitive and I suspect a high number of mistakes would be made for individuals when entering data. Checkout cart has an expired certificate as well. AffordableVision.com is not listed with the BBB. To receive a dedicated information page on the EGRR site, at minimum they would need to increase their selection, re-implement their prescription section (the current design increases the chance a customer would enter the wrong prescription), and contain a valid security certificate for checkout (or failing that, drop the normal checkout and switch entirely to PayPal).

World Eyeglassesworldeyeglasses.com
Only appears to sell locally in Fort Lauderdale, FL and do not appear to have any offerings available online. World Eyeglasses appears to be owned and operated by Dr Gary Enker. BBB has them listed with a B- rating. They do not have a dedicated information page on EGRR as they appear to only sell locally.

Inactive / Past Retailers:

VALUEglasses - valueglasses.com
All information seems to indicate they kept taking orders through their website, but stopped sending out glasses, continuing to do this for quite some time – effectively defrauding their customer base by taking money with no intent to deliver a product in return. I issued a warning about them on the website upon receiving a massive influx of complaints, and contacted US agencies in an effort to initiate an investigation in hopes that VALUEglasses would be shut down if the allegations were true. At this point in time, the VALUEglasses website appears to no longer be existence and has been replaced by a parked domain serving ads. If you ordered from VALUEglasses and did not receive your order, you're encouraged to contact your credit card company and inquire about the possibility of a "chargeback". Informing the BBB and FTC may be beneficial in the event that an investigation is pursued.
You can visit the original VALUEglasses information page here

EyeGlassesWorld - eyeglassesworld.com
Reports that customers had been unable to contact EyeGlassesWorld despite the website continuing to run were made public on the EyeglassRetailerReviews.com website. Since that time, the EyeGlassesWorld website has gone down and appears to have been replaced by a parked domain serving ads. If you ordered from EyeGlassesWorld and did not receive your order, you're encouraged to contact your credit card company and inquire about the possibility of a "chargeback". You may want to inform the BBB and FTC if the situation warrants it.
You can visit the original EyeGlassesWorld information page here

MyOptics – www.myoptics.co.uk
The MyOptics site has been closed. A message remains on their main page that states "It is with regret that the decision has been made to close down myoptics.co.uk and associated glasses sites. All current orders that have been placed will be fulfilled and we wish to thank our customers for their support." EyeglassRetailerReviews did not receive any complaints, and I therefore deem it likely that they have fulfilled their obligations/orders and left on good terms with their customers.
You can visit the original MyOptics information page here

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