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To try and keep things organized, I've moved this from the main page. Note that it is only updated periodically, so between that and any mistakes I may have made, it might not be 100% accurate!

Note: It is important to keep in mind that the table below is not a good apples-to-apples comparison. It's been added due to requests, but here are a few reasons why you should not rely on it:

Again, I urge you not to rely solely on the chart to make your purchase decisions! Read up on the retailers, check a few out, and make a well-informed decision!

If people are finding the chart helpful, I may eventually expand on it. If not, it might disappear at some point in the future, as some retailers change their offerings/prices frequently and it's really tough for me to keep on top of things. Send me a message if you have strong feelings one way or the other.

retailer BBB rating Total (incl shipping) for cheapest single-vision glasses Total (incl shipping) for cheapest bi-focal glasses UV & AR coatings Notes: Information Page Reviews
39 Dollar Glasses A+ $44 (1.59 index) $94 (1.59 index) free / $25 Base lenses are polycarbonate (virtually shatterproof). Most new-user friendly eyeglass retailer on the web. info page reviews
Zenni Optical A+ $12 (1.57 index) $29 (1.50 index) free / $5 Most popular discount eyeglass retailer on the web. info page reviews
Goggles4u A+ $17 (1.57 index) $35 (1.56 index) free / $5 Carries over 3000 frames. A few designer brands available. Historically known for interesting "cloth bag" envelopes which were always a conversation starter. info page reviews
Frames Direct A- approx $195 approx $225 $15 / $45 Only carries high end name brand designer frames (largest selection of any retailer). Most popular name-brand retailer on the web. Since all designer frames vary in price, the listed total is based upon $150 frames. info page
EyeBuyDirect F $13 (1.50 index) $32 (1.50 index) $5 / $7 Runs frequent 2-for-1 sales (appears to have pioneered the concept). info page reviews
GlassesShop unavailable $20 (1.50 index) $40 (1.50 index) $5 / $5 Runs frequent 2-for-1 sales. info page reviews
Coastal B+ $62 (1.59 index) $113 (1.58 index) free / free Price includes 7% handling fee. Carries a selection of name-brand designer wear as well. Has ongoing "first pair free" promotion (appears to have pionnered the concept). info page reviews
GlassesUSA F $48 (1.50 index) $137 (1.50 index) $29 (UV + AR) Carries medium selection of designer brands info page
Global Eyeglasses F $25 (1.50 index) $44 (1.50 index) $5 / $10 Growing somewhat in popularity over time. info page reviews
Great Eyeglasses A $18 (1.56 index) $39 (1.56 index) free / $10 Site has a retro "60's" theme (bit of a must-see in my opinion). info page
Eyeglass Direct B+ $33 (1.50 index) $74 (1.50 index) free / $28 Has local storefront in Brooklyn NY and offers "pickup" as shipping option. info page reviews
Optical4less unavailable $37 (1.56 index) $100 (1.56 index) free / free Carries indexes up to 1.9. Was previously known for excellent lens craftsmanship especially with complex prescriptions, though there are rumours that may have changed. info page reviews
SelectSpecs F $24 (1.56 index) $51 (1.50 index) free / free Based in UK, has US/Can/Germany offices. Quite popular. info page reviews
Eyeglass Factory Outlet F $40 (1.50 index) $55 (1.50 index) free / $40 Used to run an eBay storefront as well. info page
Choice Eyewear F $20 (1.56 index) $40 (1.56 index) free / $5 Formerly known as LBW Eyewear. info page
MyGlasses unavailable $34 (1.50 index) $46 (1.50 index) free / $22 info page
SpecsOnTheNet unavailable $41 (1.50 index) $79 (1.50 index) free / $16 Based in UK, only 17 frames available. info page

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