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Quick Notes:


SpecsOnTheNet is located in the UK (Cardiff). Pricing in Pounds, Euros, and USD. They sell single-vision, bi-focal, and vari-focal glasses. Methods of contact include email, phone, fax, and a mailing address. They accept Visa, MasterCard, and Delta.


SpecsOnTheNet is either preparing for a revamp, or is winding down their online business. At one time they had a large selection of frames and even ran a promotion where a number of frames/lenses were free if you paid the shipping. At this point they're down to 17 frames total with about half being discount brands ($36-40 range) and the remainder being designer brands ($100-150).

As mentioned above, there are 17 frames total – 6 metal and 11 plastic, divided between the discount and designer frames.

None of the frames currently listed show as being compatible with bi-focal or progressive lenses. Standard single-vision lenses come free with 1.6 index adding £24, 1.67 adding £49, and 1.74 adding £89. AR, tint, photochromic, and polarized lenses seem to be available as well.

Website and Ordering:

The SpecsOnTheNet website is very easy enough to navigate, although most categories show empty.

Ordering is simple enough. Find a frame, then choose the lens options.

Because they may be winding down, further detail probably isn't necessary any longer. If they increase the number of frames beyond 17, I'll take a look again at that time.

Pricing and Value:

Prices are reasonable for the high end of the spectrum with frames starting at $36 though the 1.5 index lenses included are a bit of a turnoff. While the AR coating starts adds about $16 USD, if you upgrade beyond the basic lens, it becomes free.

Pricing shown for single-vision lenses in USD (based on current exchange rate). Check the website for pricing in Pounds or Euros.


FRAMES (includes free 1.49 index lens) $36
AR Coating +15
Photochromic (grey or brown) +76
Polarized (grey or brown) +76
1.6 High-Index (free AR) +37
1.67 High-Index (free AR) +76
1.74 High-Index (free AR) +139
Tint (optional) +12
Shipping (appears to be worldwide) +5
VAT (added to all orders) + 15%

The price charts are created by hand – if you notice any errors, please contact me.

While prices are somewhat reasonable for a retailer at the higher end of the spectrum (though 1.5 index lenses for the price isn't great), the lack of available frames would make me hesitant to recommend checking them out at this point.

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