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Quick Notes:


GlassesShop appears to be based in the US (New York), although the lenses/frames appear to be manufactured/shipped from China. Pricing in USD. They sell single-vision, bi-focal, and progressive lenses. Methods of contact include an email address, mailing address, toll-free number, live chat, and a web form. Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover, Paypal, and WorldPay. They are listed with the BBB with an "F" rating.


GlassesShop has been around for a few years. They're certainly not one of the more popular retailers, but they seem to have been growing steadily over time. While technically they have a few frames starting at about $6, selection is paltry until you hit the $12.95 mark. Pricing is on the low end (but not the lowest), though when you start upgrading the lens options above the 1.5 index basic offering, you're quickly pushed into the higher end of the discount price range. Currently they seem to be experimenting with some of the promotions other retailers had been known for running (2-for-1 & first pair free for example) which run from time to time.

In terms of their site, they're somewhat middle-road. The site itself has a cleaner layout and is more fluid than most.

Frames effectively start at $12.95 (an extremely small selection is available for less than that).

Single-vision lenses come free for the basic 1.5 index and are offered in a variety up to 1.74.

Website and Ordering:

It it's infancy (years ago) the site had a lot of minor issues, but by and large they were all rectified. In short, functionally the site works quite well, and it's easy enough to narrow down the frames based on price or frame type and find what you're looking for.

The ordering process is quick and pleasant, with everything on one page, making it very easy to select and change options.

Pricing and Value:

The bulk of frames start at $12.95 and include free lenses. Bi-focal wearers can add $19.95 to that amount, and Progressive wearers can add $35.95 to the price.

Lens offerings (added to the cost of the frames):

 Single vision  Bifocal  Progressive  Free-Form Digital Progressive
1.50 Index  free  +$19.95  +$35.95  +$35.95
1.56 Index  +$9.95  +$29.95  +$45.95  +$46.95
1.56 Index Trivex  +$29.95  +$49.95
1.59 Index Polycarbonate  +$32.95  +$59.95 (1.61 index – listed as polycarbonate?)
1.61 Index  +$29.95  +$69.95  +$62.95  +$79.95
1.67 Index  +$62.95  +$99.95  +$109.95
1.74 Index  +$99.95  +$229.95
Polarized 1.50 Index  +$32.95  +$59.95  +$57.95
Polarized 1.60 Index (listed as polycarbonate)  +$75.95  +$139.95 (1.61 index – listed as polycarbonate?)
Photochromic 1.56 Index  +$32.85 (sale $26.28?)  +$69.95 (1.57 index)  +$79.95  +$79.95
Photochromic 1.60 Index (listed as polycarbonate)  +$65.95
Transitions VI photochromic 1.50 Index  +$99.95  +$199.95
Transitions VI photochromic 1.61 Index  +$159.95  +$279.95
Transitions VI photochromic 1.67 Index  +$229.95  +$299.95
Transitions VI photochromic Trivex 1.53 Index  +$199.95  +$199.95 (listed as 1.56 index)
Anti Scratch  free  free  free  free
UV protection  +$4.95  +$4.95  +$4.95  +$4.95
Anti Reflective (AR)  +$4.95  +$4.95  +$4.95  +$4.95
Water repellent coating  +$9.95  +$9.95  +$9.95  +$9.95
Tint (green, brown, grey, blue, purple, pink)  +$4.95  +$4.95  +$4.95  +$4.95

US shipping is $7. Shipping to Canada is $13. Shipping elsewhere ranges from $20-30.

The price charts are created by hand – if you notice any errors, please contact me.

In terms of value, they compete reasonably in the under-$20 range for single vision lenses. Coatings are competitively priced as well. Beyond that, a lens upgrade quickly pushes them into the upper end of the discount price range with the exception being during a strong active promotion.

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