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Optical4less (purchase #2)


Personal Experiences

May 31 , 2006 - I placed an order for 2 pairs of glasses from Optical4less.

The first was for progressive lenses ($63USD) in regular frames ($29USD).

The second was for a single-vision pair of Transitions lenses ($59USD) in bendable frames ($59USD).

Because 2 pairs were ordered, shipping was free. Shortly after ordering, I received a confirmation email which included a link to an order tracking page where the status of the order could be checked.

June 8, 2006 - The glasses had shipped. An email was sent to me, and the order tracking page was updated.

June 15 , 2006 - The glasses arrived. Each included a free case and a micro fiber cloth. A free mini-screwdriver / keychain was included as well.


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Optical4less - glasses overview   Optical4less - glasses overview #2   Optical4less - glasses close-up (progressive lenses)   Optical4less - glasses close-up (progressive lenses) #2   Optical4less - glasses close-up (transition lenses)   Optical4less - glasses close-up (transitions lenses) #2
#1 and #2 are of the package contents. The boxes were wrapped together with the shipping paper, and everything was taped together quite well. #3 and #4 are shots of the progressive lenses. #5 and #6 are of the transitions-lensed glasses in the bendable frames. Everything seemed to be in order.

June 15 , 2006 (continued)
Packing was good, basically identical to the packing in the first review.


The frames had a good solid feel to them and a nice finish. They needed some adjusting, but were perfectly fine otherwise.

From what I could tell, the lenses themselves seemed to be of high quality. Note that I myself do not wear progressives/bifocals, so these were ordered for another individual, but she did try them and seemed to be quite pleased with them. I examined them myself as best I could as well, and there wasn't anything I could see that may have been amiss.

Single Vision Transitions

The bendable frames seemed good. They were both lightweight and flexible, and make these glasses one of the nicer pairs I own. They didn't need any adjusting.

The lenses themselves were great. Optically, they seem to be perfect. The transitions effect works properly. The lenses did have a couple marks on them (looked like scuff marks on the inside of the lens), but the marks rubbed off with the micro fiber cloth. All in all, another great pair of glasses.

Total time between ordering and delivery 15
Time to ship 8
Time in transit 7

Would I buy from Optical4less again?

Would I recommend Optical4less to others?
Yes. The rimless glasses from the first review have also held up through a bit of rugged use and abuse. Between all 3 glasses, I haven't come across any problems, and most of the feedback I've heard from others has been positive as well. I am still concerned about the shipping note they send with the glasses about not being responsible for damage during shipping (see the first review for more info), and they can be more pricey than some of the other places, but other than that, everything else seems to be pretty top notch. From what I've heard from others, if you have a prescription that's pretty complex, Optical4less is often a pretty safe bet.

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