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Online Eyeglass Retailer Information and Reviews

Online Eyeglass Retailer Reviews


This site was created for those looking to buy glasses online, often to save some money.

I put together a list of all the online retailers I could find, dug up whatever information I could about them, and packed it all into information pages. In a number of cases, I also bought glasses from retailers, documented the experiences, took some pictures, and put up reviews. A number of readers have submitted reviews over the years too, and they can be found on the site as well.

Information (pricing, comparisons, other information)

Reviews (buying experiences)

Other editions of the archived site can be found by following the breadcrumbs starting at index2.html and index3.html.

I'll keep this pretty short. The site is broken down into information and review sections for each retailer. If you're looking for in-depth info or hoping to compare retailers, the information section is probably what you're looking for. On the other hand, if you want to see pictures of glasses that were ordered by myself or others, along with a short little write-up about the experience, you probably want the review section.

If interested in a particular retailer, select them from the menu. Otherwise, you can use the links above (and Next links at the bottom of each page) to browse through 1-by-1.