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"the source for high quality eyewear at discount prices"

Warning: There have been reports of individuals unable to contact EyeGlassesWorld. While their website appears to be up and running, attempts to contact them have been met with no response. I have also tried contacting them, so far, without success. Therefore, at this time, and until more information becomes available, or until I have had a chance to try ordering from them, I DO NOT RECOMMEND EyeGlassesWorld for your online eyeglass purchases. If you have recently ordered glasses from or been able to contact EyeGlassesWorld, please email me at eyeglassretailerreviews@gmail.com.


Eye Glasses World is located in California (USA). Pricing in USD. Single-vision and bi-focal (regular and progressives) are both offered. They display email addresses and a physical address on their Contact page. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.


I wasn't able to find a whole lot of information on Eye Glasses World. The website is very basic, and seems incomplete. For example, certain frame categories are displayed but cannot be chosen. However, pricing is generally good. Their frames with lenses start at just $20, with the majority being around the $29 mark.

As far as pricing goes, Eye Glasses World seems to be pretty competative. The major downside is really the website, which does not feel complete at all, but rather seems like a work in progress. A little tweaking, testing, and updating would really go a long way. A BBB search from search.bbb.org reveals that Eye Glasses World has an "unsatisfactory" rating with 4 resolved complaints, 3 'no response' complaints, and 1 'unpursuable' complaint.


due to inconsistencies on the website, there is a good chance these prices may not be accurate  
pricing shown is for the $20 frame/lens combo
1.56 High Index Lens included
1.50 Medium High Index (Japan) +$9.95
1.59 Polycarbonate Lens (price only shown at checkout) +$9.95
1.61 Extra High Index +$15.95
1.61 Extra High Index (Japan?) +$29.95
1.61 Extra High Index (France) +$39.95
1.67 Super High Index +$39.95
1.67 Super High Index (Japan?) +$49.95
1.67 Super High Index (France) +$59.95
1.70 HOYA Ultra High Index (Japan) +$119.95
Bi-focals +$14.00
Progressives +$49.95
Lens Coatings
Anti Reflective Coating +$9.95
Purple AR Coating with Japanese Lenses +$29.95
Blue AR Coating with Japanese Lenses (1.5 Index) +$19.95
PhotoChromic Coating (Grey or Brown) +$49.95
PhotoChromic Coating (Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow, or Purple) +$69.95
Tint (Solid or Gradient) (Grey or Brown) (30%, 60%, or 90%) +$5.95
USPS First Class / Priority Mail Shipping (US) +$5.00
Shipping (International) +$5.00?

A pair of single vision lenses without any add-ons is only $25.00 after shipping if you live in the US, bi-focals are $39.00 after shipping to the US. Shipping to international countries didn't affect the shipping price of $5 but somehow I got the feeling that international shipping may have been overlooked when setting the prices. I'd recommend contacting them first before placing an international order.

Website Ratings

Category Rating Details
Website Poor Website seems incomplete. When ordering, some lens options don't display the price, or have incomplete information. Basic frames with basic lenses would probably be a safe order. Personally, if I were upgrading any of the lens options, I would contact them beforehand to confirm what option I'm getting and the price.
Selection Acceptable A fair selection is offered, although I was unable to find Kid's Eyeglasses, despite the category being shown.
Frame Info Good Dimensions, color, and whether the frame is available for bifocals are shown.
Lens Options Good A few choices in lenses, including regular CR39, polycarbonate, and high index lenses. AR, Photochromic coatings, and tints are offered as add-ons.
Value Great $25 shipped for a set of lenses in the US. International shipping might be more. Upgrades such as AR, Polycarbonate lenses, or tints range from about $6-10 which is completely reasonable.

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