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Eyeglass Factory Outlet



Eyeglass Factory Outlet is located in Florida (USA). Pricing in USD. They display a 1-877 number, fax number, physical address, and online contact form on their Contact page. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal.


Eyeglass Factory Outlet doesn't seem to be overly popular on the net. To be honest, I've seen very little mention of them anywhere. Most of the frames/lenses (pretty much all but rimless) on their site are $34.50. Their lenses come with a free anti-scratch coating. Tint and UV coatings are an additional $5 each. An upgrade to bifocals adds $15 which isn't bad all things considered. An AR coating however is a whopping $39.50 extra, which is more than the glasses!

A strange thing about the site is that at the bottom of each page, they state "Orders Are Not Valid In The State Of Florida". I would guess that this is due to legal/regulatory issues regarding the sale of prescription lenses in the state of Florida, but I really have no idea (it could also be the additional complexity of adding tax to the checkout of the website, or something else entirely). Regardless of the reason, it seems that if you live in Florida, you're out of luck.

I had a little trouble trying to get accurate information about the company from the search.bbb.org website. The most accurate result seems to be for Dr. Barry Meyer (Eyeglass Factory Outlet), which is held on the BBB of Southeast Florida's website. The address for Eyeglass Factory Outlet does not match the one shown on the website, but if you choose Eyeglass Factor Outlet's "About Us" link, you are brought to a message/statement from Dr. Barry Meyer, so it seemingly is in fact the correct site. The bottom of Dr. Barry Meyer's message/statement says "P.S. We're also members of the Better Business Bureau of Broward County in the State of Florida". I was unable to confirm this, as I could not find an online source of the BBB in Broward County. The BBB of Southeast Florida's information on Dr. Barry Meyer (Eyeglass Factory Outlet) does not show them as a BBB member, and says that the record is 'unsatisfactory', with 3 resolved, and 4 'no response' complaints. It would be nice to get more clarification on this, but for now this is all I was able to find.

Pricing (base price of $34.50)

Single Vision Bifocals Progressive Trifocals
Lenses (plastic) included +$15.00 (Ft 28) +$90.00 (Sola Vip) +$64.00 (7/28)
+$32.00 (Ft 35 or Executive) +$141.00 (Varilux Comfort) +$80.50 (8/35)
+$45.00 (Super No Line)
High Index +$74.00 +$125.00 (Ft 28) +$194.00
Polycarbonate +$44.00 (average) +$125.00 (Ft 28) +$194.00
+$65.00 (thinnest)
Polarized +$85.50 +$130.50 (Ft 28) +$220.50
Photochromatic +$44.00 +$84.00 (Ft 28) +$151.00
Transition +$95.00 +$125.40 (Ft 28) +$195.00
Tint (Grey Brown Blue Yellow Rose) (Gradient or Solid) (Light Medium Dark) +$5.00
Glass Lens +$20.00
Anti Reflective Coating +$39.50
UV Protection +$5.00
Shipping (US) +$5.00
Shipping (International) +$9.95
Shipping (order over $50) free

A pair of single vision frames/lenses shipped is $39.50 in the US, and $44.45 Internationally.
Bifocals (shipped) go for $54.50 in the US, and $59.45 Internationally

Website Ratings

Category Rating Details
Website Good Website is easy to navigate. Nothing is really outstanding, and for the most part there are only minor inconsistencies. For example, if you choose Polycarbonate lenses, it will still allow you to upgrade to Glass and UV Protection. A novice could potentially end up ordering either conflicting or redundant options. While this should obviously be caught when the glasses are being made, it's still extra headache and hassle that could be avoided by automatically 'graying out' options while ordering (the same way many other sites do).
Selection Great Just about all the frames/lenses on the site are $34.50. Most categories have quite a few frames as well, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find something you like. Rimless frames are the exception. There are only 5 rimless frames, which are all $79.50 and up.
Frame Info Acceptable Material, color, dimensions, and a short description are given. It would be nice if the pictures were a little larger and in some cases clearer.
Lens Options Great Despite a somewhat sloppy layout, there really are quite a few lens options. Single Vision, Bifocal, and Progressive lenses are all offered in Polarized, Polycarbonate, Photochromatic, Transitional, and High-Index lenses. Trifocals are available too. Glass, tint, AR, and UV coatings are additional options with additional cost.
Value Acceptable It would be nice if the basic pair was either slightly cheaper, or came with free AR & UV. Shipping cost is reasonable, and will probably be free if you get anything other than the basic Single Vision or Bifocal lenses.

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