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Author: kanchan


I reviewed your site before placing 2 online orders, 2 weeks ago. I've thus far received my glasses from goggles4u.

Order placed: 28 Sep 2006
Order Shipped: 30 Sep 2006 (according to website)
Order received: 12 October 2006

Goggles4u glasses #1 (by kanchan)   Goggles4u glasses #2 (by kanchan)   Goggles4u glasses #3 (by kanchan)   Goggles4u glasses #4 (by kanchan)   Goggles4u glasses #5 (by kanchan)

28 September 2006: Ordered "9708 with Multicoated CR39 Material High Index Lenses". No tints. My perscription is fairly high – -6.00 in both eyes, with moderate astigmatism in my right eye.

My eyeglasses are normally in the $250++ range with high index lenses and the coatings, so I was willing to give this a shot.

Total for my order was $24.69 USD = CDN$28.13

30 September 2006: The frames I ordered showed up as "sold out" 2 days after I placed my order. So I was hoping that was AFTER my order was filled.

12 October 2006: My eyeglasses arrived – packed in a hand-stitched cloth bag, with a styrofoam container around the red eyeglass case inside. (photos attached).

After removing the tape from the styrafoam, I unpacked the bright red case inside – which was also taped to the styrafoam. I started to take the tape off the case, but discovered that the red coating on the case was coming off with the tape. So I left the tape on the red case.

The glasses were packed in cotton batting, with a lens cleaning cloth inside. An extra set of nose pads and screws were also supplied.

Took out the glasses and examined the frames and lenses. No scratches, frames seemed fairly solid. The left temple was slightly askew, but that was fixed with a little pushing. I was able to adjust the frames easily and the "spring hinges" seemed just as good as the ones on my $250 pair of glasses.

Put them on. Seemed like the PD distance is a bit off my previous pair, but my eyes are adjusting fine. Perscription seems to be the same as my main pair of glasses. I'll probably go into a glasses store and get the frames fine tuned a bit more. But otherwise, they seem great.

Would I buy from Goggles4u again? Yes. For $28? Can't really beat this deal, if the quality is the similar.

Would I recommend Goggles4u to others? Probably. Assuming they can adjust the frames themself.

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(Goggles4u review by Nachoman)