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Author: Nachoman


May 21, 2006
I placed an order for 2 pairs of glasses from Goggles4u.

First pair was frame# 10945, a half-rim rectangular lens set of Oakley look-a-likes. I ordered these with single vision platic lenses and the free multicoating.

The second pair was frame# 10937, also a half-rim frame, but these were a half oval shap lens and I ordered these with the transition grey glass lenses.

Total for the order was $53.18 after the 5% discount code. As I had placed a previous order with the company, I sent them an email about the repeat customer discount and recieved an email back the next day giving me an additional 10% credit back to my credit card (total now $47.86 for 2 pairs of glasses).

May 24, 2006
The online status of the order showed "shipped".

May 30, 2006
WOW, the first pair arrived direct from Pakistan in the Funky sewn cloth back 180 Rupees of postage from Pakistani Post. I even had to sign for them at the post office (not bad for free shipping). The packaging was excellent, the glasses were wrapped in a microfibre cloth, then wrapped in cotton batten, then in a plastic sleeve, then in a nice Seahorse brand wooden box, then inside a styrofoam clamshell and finally in the cloth bag. It would have to have been really abused in transit, to do any damage to the glasses inside.

The frames are really sturdy and the prescription seems right on the money.

Fit and finish is excellent, very impressed indeed.

All that was needed for adjustment was a little tweaking of the nose pads, everthing else seems great.

Lenses are crystal clear with a slight greenish hue from the antiglare (which works very well).

I purchased these as a backup pair of glasses to use as a break from my progressive lenses, but lately I find myself wearing these more and more often around home and after work when I don't need my progressives for reading.

Goggles4 1st pair - envelope (by Nachoman)   Goggles4 1st pair - packaging (by Nachoman)   Goggles4 1st pair - glasses and case (by Nachoman)   Goggles4 1st pair - glasses (by Nachoman)
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June 30, 2006

Second pair arrived today, has a Customs stamp dated June 16/06. Not sure if that was when customs recieved it or when they released it. Obviously the glass transition lenses take longer to produce as the postal stamp was June 6/06. Packaging was the same "almost indestructible" cloth bag, styrofoam shell, hardcase, plastic sleeve, cotton batten and  microfibre cloth.

The frame is also an Oakley look-a-like, very sturdy feel, but several grams heavier than the first pair. I attribute this extra weight to the glass lenses as the frame and lens size is very similar on both pairs.

The lenses are nice and clear, but they seem a little rough around the edges. They are not sharp or jagged, but look like they could have done a better job of polishing the edges. It's not noticable enough for others to see, but if you are inspecting them closely, it is noticable along the bottom (rimless) part of the lens. The antiglare seems to work well and has a slight geenish hue on the lens also. Again, only minor adjustment were required and the frames seem to fit very well.

The Transition lenses seem to change very fast, took about 30 seconds to go to 70% tint in strong sunlight and change back almost as fast. They change so fast, that I was unable to get a picture of the lenses when they were still dark. Everytime I brought them back into the house to take a picture, they had changed back to 15-20% tint. When I wear these at work, under the flourescent lights, the lenses seem to darken to approx the 15-20% range. I didn't realise that there was UV light given off by flourescent lights, but there must be judging by these glasses. The upside is that the slight tint seems to help reduce eyestrain somewhat.

Overall I'm very happy with both pairs of these glasses and I would definately order from Goggles4u again. I've already had a few of my friends comment on the nice glasses that I've recieved and are amazed at the prices. Some have placed orders as well.

Goggles4 2nd pair - packaging (by Nachoman)   Goggles4 2nd pair - glasses #1 (by Nachoman)   Goggles4 2nd pair - glasses #2 (by Nachoman)   Goggles4 2nd pair - glasses #3 (by Nachoman)
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