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Author: jps


March 19, 2006
I ordered frame 9559, added "light brown tint", and used the 5% off coupon from this site, bringing the total (including shipping) to less than $25.  These will be used for lawn mowing, car washing, etc. when it's not bright enough for  sunglasses, and for indoor cleaning, painting, etc.  In other words, they are intended to be my "beater" pair.  I don't care if the finish wears off as long as they don't fall apart.  If the quality is high, that will be a pleasant surprise, and I'll take that into consideration for future orders.

I received a confirmation email immediately.

A few hours later, I wanted to show a family member the frame I ordered.  I returned to the web site, and the frame was gone.  Perhaps I got the last one?  I've noticed that Goggles4U CONTINUALLY removes frames and offers different ones in their place, the only retailer I've noticed that does it with such frequency.  Perhaps it's because their prices are so low.  So if you see a frame you like, don't count on bookmarking it and coming back later; it might be gone.

March 24, 2006
Checked credit card activity - Goggles4U has charged my card.

March 30, 2006
Eyeglasses received. 

--- Glasses were shipped in hard case inside a lightweight carboard box.  Inside the case, the glasses were wrapped in cotton, and the lenses were wrapped in a lens cloth.  It was certainly enough to protect them from the expected bumps and bruises of shipping.  Also included in the package were replacement screws and nosepads.

--- I briefly compared them to my "verified" pair.  If there's any difference, it's so slight that it's not obvious.

--- Tinted as requested, and cut neatly for semi-rimless.  A very minor issue I'll mention but won't lower the grade for: the lenses were filthy and had to be washed.

--- It's an inexpensive frame, certainly lower quality than you'll find in a retail store.  But it's not a piece of junk either.  I give it it a Grade A because of the low price I paid.  Just be aware that it's an A because of the cost, not because it's a high-quality frame.

-- I'm very happy with my purchase.  While my $300+ designer pair sit safely in their case tomorrow, I'll be wearing these for spring cleaning!

Goggles4u package (by jps)   Goggles4u case (by jps)   Goggles4u case opened (by jps)   Goggles4u contents (by jps)   Goggles4u glasses #1 (by jps)   Goggles4u glasses #2 (by jps)
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Would I buy from Goggles4u again?
Definitely.  As a matter of fact, I intend to add to my "daily web routine" a visit to their website to see what new frames they've added.  I won't go nuts with impulse purchases ;) but might pick up another pair or two in the hopes of getting something I could use as a "semi-primary" pair.

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