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Author: Athios


Feb 15, 2006
Ordered a pair of these, semi-rimless with the grey transitional glass lens. $35 CDN total after 5% off.

Feb 19, 2006
Received email that they have been shipped.

Mar 3, 2006
Received a note that the package is at my local post office.

Goggles4u cloth envelope (by Athios)
The glasses arrived in a cloth bag sewn shut with thread which said "Pakistan Post", with mail chops on a piece of tape. Post office lady looked a little confused as to whether or not she should be afraid of what's inside, hahaha....

Goggles4u styrofoam casing (by Athios)   Goggles4u case opened(by Athios)   Goggles4u case opened #2 (by Athios)   Goggles4u case opened #3 (by Athios)  
Here's a breakdown of all the layers of packaging/protection:
Cloth bag --> Fitted styrofoam box --> Cardboard sleeve --> A very sturdy "Sarasa Eyewear" vinyl/felt case --> Microfiber "Sarasa Eyewear" drawstring bag --> Plastic bag --> A layer of cotton --> Square microfiber cloth --> Glasses (finally!)

First Impressions

Packaging: I could've thrown the package out of a second story window onto concrete without worrying about breaking anything. So a 'normal' delivery trip from Pakistan isn't something that people should be concerned with (assuming that this is now their standard packaging, since it's different from other reviewers)

Box: Very nice one. Line-textured surface with imprinted logo. I love it. Very solid and sturdy.

Glasses: I didn't find any dust/dirt. Since it's glass, it's slightly heavier than my regular pair. Arms were misaligned, but a light twist fixed that. Frame itself felt very sturdy, but the arms/hinge felt a bit wonky. The nosepad positions needed adjusting. Dimensions were exactly as noted on their webpage.

Goggles4u examining glasses (by Athios)   Goggles4u glasses on display (by Athios)

The groove was well cut, and the wire fit nicely, but the edge was not as polished as my other pair. As you can see in the photo, there's also a small gap between the top of the left lens and the frame, which seems to have been filled in with a bit of silicon.

Oily smudges could be removed with the microfiber cloth. For some reason, the AR coating is rosey pink on one lens and orange on the other. This is not noticeable when worn. The lenses themselves have a yellowish tinge to them, and you can see it in the picture above where the glasses are placed beside my regular pair. It is noticeable when wearing them indoors, but not so much outdoors, although if you're the type of person who uses 'warm' lightbulbs indoors, this probably won't affect you.

As for prescription, they are absolutely perfect. No lines, scratches, blurs, visual distortions, nothing. I can switch between my two pairs of glasses without need to 'adjust' to them. The focus at edges is just as good as in the center. I can stare at a spot while swivelling my head around without losing focus.

Transitions effect: It's been raining (and snowing) in Vancouver every since I got the glasses, so can't really test them out, and I don't have a black light or UV pen light either.

I tried putting them in the 4:30pm evening sunlight, but nothing happened, so I brought them indoors and left them hanging on a houseplant in the sun. A few minutes later, I went back and they were very slightly darker, and I could see the 'shadow' shape of a leaf on the lens. They do work, but very slowly, and weakly. But this is perhaps because the sunlight was weak as well.


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