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Author: 4eyes


Frame: Red Fox 801 http://www.selectspecs.com/Glasses/Hush/Red-Fox-801/ss101.10.html
Lenses: 1.61 index single vision – comes with anti reflective, anti scratch

Delivery time: acceptable – took about two weeks from order placement. The item was shipped from Hong Kong

What was included: Glasses in a case, no wipe cloth
SelectSpecs glasses (by 4eyes)

Lens quality: The lens is OK with no scratches and the prescription seems to be correct. The Anti-reflective coating seems to work but not as good as my previous Costco glasses. My son has not tested the anti scratch coating yet. One thing I wish the websites provided is an estimate of the lens thickness based on your prescription and lens selection. The lenses I got are thicker that I thought they would be and this sort of tool would have been good to help me pick the lens.

Frame quality: I do not like the frame construction now that I have the glasses. I like the shape but what I could not tell from the online image is that the lenses are attached to the frame with two screws on each lens. Each lens has a slot cut next to the screw hole. Each slot holds a pin that keeps the lenses from twisting on the frame (see pic). The problem is that the slots in the lenses are a bit bigger than the pin so the lenses do move a bit and I find my self adjusting the lenses every few days. Another thing I don't like about the frame is that the screws that hold the lenses are rather long – these should be cut in my opinion. The screws do have caps so that you don't scratch yourself – these caps can fall off and can be very hard to find since they are clear. Basically, I got what I asked for but could not clearly see what I was getting.

Would I recommend this to a friend: – Yes, purely for the savings.

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