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Author: Gellar

Zenni Optical

June 7, 2006
Ordering was pretty smooth, picked out a pair of rimless glasses with their AR coating which they say includes the anti radiation with the anti reflective coating. I sorta wish there were more pictures of the glasses, however they do provide a front picture and a measurement from side to side.
June 21, 2006
Finally received an email stating my glasses have been shipped. They claim that glasses are made within 48 hours of ordering, however this seems to be a little long! Got the tracking number and its been accepted at san rafael.
June 28, 2006
Got my glasses! They're in great condition, came in the usual packaging others have received. I got the same cheap case too, I dont think it will last very long. The lenses have a green or pink tint, depending on what light I was looking at them in. I did have to extend the arms a bit, they're quite short otherwise.

I also received a sun lens clip, and the glasses are surprisingly lightweight even with it on. I didnt get a higher index lense, although my perscription is only -2.25 and -2.5. I do kind of wish the sunlens was a little darker, but I think they're pretty standard. They say they're polarized, have not had a chance to really test it out yet though.

Overall they're nice glasses, and I think I will be using them a lot. I like that I got the extra anti reflective + anti radiation coating on it, I hope it keeps the strain off my eyes while on the computer.
Ok, at dinner I was showing my dad the glasses, and I said I felt the arms were bent downards at the ends by too much, and he said that theres a metal wire on the inside that allows you to bend it a bit. He then took the right arm, and bent it out a bit, then a little more at the end, which then, yes you guessed it, snapped! He was right though, there is a metal wire going through the arm, however, at the very end there is not, and thats exactly where the arm snapped off. So now I'm left with brand new glasses, that are BROKEN! Thanks to good ol' dad ...

So, to rectify the problem I do the smart thing, I e-mail Zenni and tell them that my glasses broke during shipping. First they tell me that if i send it to them they will fix it and send it back. I ask, just to see what they'll say, if I have to pay for return shipping, and they replied with the following:
We would like to send you frame #5808 in black with a tool at no cost. Would you please do the replacement frame youself? It is the most convenience way to fix your problem.Thank you for your patronage.
I, of course, say its no problem and would be very pleased with the solution. I have not sent this review until I have received the replaced frame so that Zenni doesn't acidentally see it and decide not to send me the replacement.

This is really good customer service on their part, as it was entirely my fault (really my dads). A new frame with a tool is great!

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