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Author: jps

Zenni Optical

Thursday March 9, 2006
I ordered frame "3411 - rimless, hingeless, memory plastic", in the clear color which was described as "nearly invisible".  This was a "speculative" purchase (no pun intended), rather than something for which I had a specific purpose in mind.  I never had a rimless frame before, nor a hingeless frame, nor a memory plastic frame, nor a "nearly invisible" frame.  So I'm trying a whole bunch of new things, all in the same package ;)

The base cost was $25.95.  I added AR for $4.95, and a $9.00 "extra-strength prescription" fee thanks to my high astigmatism.  Add $4.95 shipping to arrive at the $44.85 total.

I was very happy with the rimless lens selection.  There are about 20 to choose from which includes detailed size and shape information.  I knew exactly what I wanted, and had no trouble selecting a lens.

Immediately after ordering, I received a confirmation email.

Monday March 13, 2006
Checked credit card activity - Zenni has charged my card.

Wednesday March 28, 2006
Received an email stating my glasses would be shipped that day.  USPS tracking number provided.  I visited the USPS web site and used the "email future information" option so I would know when my glasses arrived.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006
Checked my email (at work) that afternoon; an email from USPS stated my glasses had been delivered.  They were in my mailbox when I arrived home.

--- Bubble-wrap envelope, glasses in a hard case, lenses wrapped in a lens cloth.  Sufficient for the expected bumps of shipping.

--- I checked them for reading and computer use; as a matter of fact I'm wearing them as I type this.  They're every bit as good as my expensive Lenscrafter's pair.

--- Polished edges, not a mark on the lenses.  When comparing their AR capability to my expensive Lenscrafter's pair, these have a barely noticeable slight green tint.  I'm not going to lower the grade as I had to look "really hard" to identify this, and the AR functions just as well as my expensive Lenscrafter's pair.

--- As stated above, I have no past experience with this type of frame.  But it seems to be good quality: the lens mounts are solid, the frame is comfortable, etc.  Regarding the "nearly invisible" claim: several people have commented on the fact that they can barely see them, so it's not baloney.

--- I'm very happy with my purchase.  I'll be wearing these glasses frequently due to their comfort and style.

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Would I buy from Zenni again?
Since I'll be wearing these glasses frequently, I'll get a good idea of how long they last.  If they hold up, Zenni will definitely be on my list for my next eyeglass purchase.

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