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Author: Anonymous #03

Zenni Optical

After reviewing EyeglassRetailerReviews.com and trying to find a more cost-effective alternative to getting my eyeglasses retail, I decided to try Zenni Optical because of the base price for the frames and my odd prescription. I'd already paid for a fashionable pair of progressives at Target Optical at a pretty good price, but wanted a pair for the car/desk, etc. I ordered Frame #3849 in Brown with anti-reflective coating: no tint, clip-on sunshade, bi-focal, standard strength - order came to just some change over $50 for the total.

Order was placed 02/21/06
I Received an e-mail message about an hour later informing me that the order was successful. On 03/07/06, I received a very polite call from Zenni Optical to verify my prescription and to let me know that I would receive my glasses in about another week.

Package arrived on 03/14/06.
While there was no additional padding other than what was in the envelope, the hard case seemed very sturdy and arrived with no damage. After opening the hard case, I found the eyeglasses wrapped in a logo cleaning cloth, with the clip-on sunshade on top in plastic - no scratches (the clip-on has "Zenni" etched in the upper outside corners - very unobtrusive). Removed the cleaning cloth and found the glasses to be exactly what I ordered and in excellent shape. There were no bends, breaks, or scratches and the lenses clear, clean, and well set in the frame. I tried them on and my eyes made the transition easily and wonderfully - prescription is correct. Clip-on was pretty intuitive on how to use (since this is the first time I have had them) and fit the frame very well.

Overall - very pleased.
Shipping - slow (had the progressives back in less than a week), but these are manufactured overseas.
Styles - fairly decent.
Customer Service - good.
Pricing - excellent.
Will use again? - definitely.

I will likely order a pair of progressive lenses so that I have two pair of those and the bi-focals as backup. If you are in a hurry or need your non-single vision eyeglasses sooner, Zenni is not for you. If you are looking to get a pair of reasonably priced glasses as an alternative to your primary pair(s), this is a great way to go. Hope this helps anyone considering Zenni Optical!

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