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Author: Michael


I ordered a pair of distance (-1.25) clear lens glasses as well as a coresponding pair of shades. After hearing that I would be paying near $350 here in Canada for a similar purchase (plus $45 for a simple photocopy of a prescription they had on file), I decided to give the web a shot. I pulled my prescription data off my contact lenses and did the measuring (which was simply) well described on the website.
Goggles4u invoice (by Michael)

See invoice for what I bought. In 19 days I got my glasses in perfect condition and they fit on my head with no adjustment required. The frames are solid and attractive. While they are not designer frames, they are of fine quality. The prescription is perfect as are the lenses.

I have attached photos of the package, cases, glasses and invoice. I paid through paypal. The shipping was free and I easily found a coupon by goggling "google4u coupon". The order form gives you unlimited attempts at coupons so keep trying coupon codes for the best price.
Goggles4u glasses envelope (by Michael)   Goggles4u glasses envelope #2 (by Michael)   Goggles4u packaging (by Michael)   Goggles4u packaging #2 (by Michael)   Goggles4u glasses in case (by Michael)   Goggles4u cases (by Michael)   Goggles4u cases #2 (by Michael)   Goggles4u glasses #1 (by Michael)   Goggles4u glasses #2 (by Michael)   Goggles4u glasses #3 (by Michael)   Goggles4u screwdriver keyring (by Michael)

I ended up paying less than $75 CAD funds for $350 (not including another $50 in taxes) for a great set of glasses and prescription shades.

All coatings that normally could extra were included free. Antiglare, scratch resistance, UV. The lenses are polycarbonate that retailer will often warn will yellow over time. While this is true, it takes more than a decade for that to happen. I think I'll be wearing different glasses by then. :)

I would order again from goggle4u.com with no reservations. While I cannot comment on customer service since I didn't have any problems, that's not a bad thing.

In an industry known for wildly overpriced products, online prescription glasses sites are a welcome change to so called discount eyewear places that charge in excess of $350 for simple non-designer glasses.

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