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Author: IowaStater

Zenni Optical

I purchased 4 pairs of glasses from Zennioptical.com May 19, 2009 at 11:00 PM.

Pair one was a Titanium rimless set, will A/R coating, costing me 44.90.
Pair two was a full rim Titanium pair, with 80% gray tinting for sunglasses, also costing 44.90
Pair three was a Stainless Steel full rim with plastic temples and A/R coating for 28.90
Pair four was a metal alloy full rim, tinted 80% green for driving glasses for 23.95

Shipping and handling was 4.95 for everything. All four pair ran me 147.60 total. My last pair, purchased at the largest retail chain in America, cost me $225.

I received a confirmation email from Zenni on May 20, at 1:00 AM, or about 2 hours later. I began my waiting then.

On June 3rd at 1:00 PM I received an email advising me that my glasses had been shipped. Two weeks to the day that I ordered them. I received a USPS confirmation notification at that time.

On Saturday June 6th, I received my glasses, or 3 days from notification of sending.

Zenni glasses #1 (by IowaStater)   Zenni glasses #2 (by IowaStater)   Zenni glasses #3 (by IowaStater)   Zenni glasses #4 (by IowaStater)

My initial concerns were due to the fact that they were shipped in a bubble envelope, and the envelope had ripped a bit on the end. However when I opened them, my concerns were alleviated, as all four cases were in new shape.

My first pair I examined were my rimless ones. My opinion when I opened the case was that they were very nice. The frames were nice, light and very bendy. The mounts on the lenses were very solid, and not screw to lens, as I had seen before, but rather what looks like a glued in t shaped dual point pin. The edges of the lenses are nice and clear. I could not detect any issues, scratches or blemishes in the lenses. They appeared to be optically perfect. The nose pads were injection molded and don't seem to be replaceable. Overall, I have slight concerns about the mounting system, but they are really nice otherwise. Can't see the AR, but they aren't reflecting as I type, so I'm happy.
Zenni glasses #5 (by IowaStater)

My second pair was much as the first. Very good first impression. Quite a lot darker than I expected, but very nice. Very solid construction and the lenses were also optically perfect. The nose pads were called "Titan", and were single screw attached (which should make them very easy to replace if I need to.) Overall I'm very happy with them.
Zenni glasses #6 (by IowaStater)

My third pair were more of a fun pair for me, and not a normal design that I would chose. They are metal, but with very comfortable plastic arms. The lenses are held on with plastic bands, and seem very sturdy. The nose pads are also single screw (not Titan this time though) and seem to be easily replaceable as well. The lenses were dusty (not an issue, but the other ones were actually spotless) and wiped off easily with the enclosed cloth. Overall, very happy. Again, can't see the AR, but no reflections, so I'm happy.

My last pair were another tinted pair, with extended hinges and metal arms. Lenses are a green tint, I think they are a bit bluer than the Ray Ban G15 that I love so much, but very very close. Overall, optically correct, and no visible flaws. Overall, very happy.

As I sat and pondered my purchase, I was extremely happy. All 4 pair cost me less than my last single pair. And my last pair had two be remade because the lenses didn't match my prescription. I have been buying glasses for over 25 years, and finally felt like I got my moneys worth. All four pairs are very nice, and look like they will last. If you can wait the 3 weeks, it's worth it.

I did not mention the fit, as I have a pretty big melon (my Army beret is a 7 7/8), and all glasses have to be spread a bit for my head, and these were no difference, however I bent them out slightly, very fast, and they fit perfectly then. I would not feel comfortable blaming Zenni for that, as I've never worn a pair "off the rack". Nose pad alignment was very good on all 4 pairs, and they sat flat on the table.

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