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Author: Samantha

Zenni Optical

I ordered 2 pairs of glasses, one memory titanium and one acetate plastic, on May 21st. I received them on June 2nd. The only "customization" I got was AR coating. I purchased frames 3127 and 4317.

Being a bit anxious about picking out my glasses online and not being able to try them on ahead of time, I changed my mind about the second frames I had chose and decided I wanted different ones. I e-mailed Zenni on May 22nd. They say they process within 3 business days, so when I didn't hear back from them quickly I called on May 24th.

Hold times were about 20 minutes; that part was not great. The person I talked to was nice, and when I asked if I could change the frames he put me on a brief hold to check, then came back and apologized but no, it was too late to change. Interestingly enough though, about 8 hours later I came home from work to an e-mail back from Zenni saying that they could change the frames in my order. I'm guessing their customer service reps just don't have access to a whole lot of information.

I am thrilled with my glasses however! And extremely impressed. I am hard on my glasses and can't tell you how many I've worn out of shape. These guys really are bendable- I did a fair amount of twisting and experimenting with them when they arrived and they popped right back to where they were supposed to be. Super light and perfect for my work glasses. The acetate plastic frames are exactly what I expected. I just wanted a fun colorful pair so I picked up these.

My prescription had changed pretty drastically in the last year, so I was a bit nervous when I first got my glasses because I had a bit of the fishbowl effect. However after about 30 minutes that was completely gone and I can see perfectly! The AR coating is the typical green tint.

Both pairs arrived wrapped in a lens cleaning cloth in a hard plastic case, which were inside a padded envelope. At first I thought maybe the 2 pairs were slightly different prescription because my eyes have to re-adjust when I switch between them. However after a bit of time with both pairs I realized that the shapes of my frames are so different, the lenses are shaped a bit differently and I think that's what my eyes are adjusted to.

Two pairs of glasses + AR coating on each came out to $49.80 after shipping. I am completely sold on Zenni and have told everyone I know who wears glasses about them. I have worn glasses since I was 4 years old, and never have I been so satisfied and not felt like I had to empty my pockets!

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