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"High Quality Eyeglasses, Low Everyday Prices"

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EyeBuyDirect.com is located in the US. Pricing in USD. They sell single-vision and bi-focal/progressive lenses. They offer a mailing address, regular and toll-free number, email address, and a contact form through their website as methods of communication. Payment methods include AmEx, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, as well as Paypal.


Their website seems to be pretty well designed, and is easy to navigate. They offer budget-style frames at the lower end of the price spectrum ($14.95+), designer frames at the upper end ($79.95+), as well as other styles (rimless, sports, titanium etc) in between. When selecting frame options, there are little help-bubbles available which will probably be quite helpful to first-time buyers (although it only worked under IE, so Firefox/Mozilla users are out of luck).

According to the BBB Reliability report, EyeBuyDirect.com became a member of the BBB in August 2006. The report shows 1 complaint which was resolved.

Pricing seems to be amongst the lowest of all the retailers. $14.95 ($19.90 after shipping) for a set of frames + single vision lenses is very tough to beat, although that price does not include UV or AR coatings.

Unfortunately, EyeBuyDirect.com is relatively new, and therefore hasn't established much of a track-record. Doing a few searches yielded almost no information (good or bad), so it's difficult to say what the typical purchase experience is likely to be from them.


Basic Frames + Single-Vision Lenses $14.95 + up
Optional Lens Upgrades  
Photochromic + $35.95
Bifocal + $19.00
Thin + Lite (1.57) + $25.00
Super Thin (1.6) + $42.00
Progressive + $39.00
Optional Extras  
UV Coating (note that the description for this says "hard coating") + $4.95
Tint (Grey, Brown, or Green) (20,40,60, or 80%) + $4.95
AR (Anti-Reflective) coating + $6.95
Shipping (direct)  
US/Canada $4.95
Worldwide price varies - To get an idea, shipping to France would be $14.95.

Note that they also offer FedEx and First Class shipping for an additional cost. A pair of single vision lenses without any add-ons is only $19.90USD shipped to Canada or the US.

Upgrading to bi-focal lenses without any add-ons brings the total to $38.90USD shipped to Canada or the US.

Website Ratings

Category Rating Details
Website Great The website is nicely designed and easy to use. Adding an online "print your frames to size" option, adding support for other browsers, and allowing the customer to select the frame and then the color (instead of listing the same frame in different colors) would bump this rating up further.
Selection Great The same frame shows up in different colors when there is more than one color available, which means a little extra sifting when browsing the selection. The selection itself though is adequate when considering any individual frame type, and quite good when considering the entire selection available at all price points.
Frame Info Great When viewing the list of frames in a category, there is a "more info" button that brings up the frame detail, including dimensions. For some frames, there are also a few pictures of the frame taken from different angles.
Lens Options Great Both single-distance and bi-focal/progressive lens wearers are accommodated. In addition, thinner lenses are available, as well as photochromic or tint options. This will probably cover the needs of most glasses wearers
Value Excellent If AR and UV protection aren't important to you, the price is hard to beat. On the other hand, adding AR and UV does bring the cost up above some of the other retailers.

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