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Note that I haven’t ordered from GreatEyeglasses myself yet, but any reviews submitted by readers are located below. -Matt

Great Eyeglasses review by Doris

submitted on March 20, 2013

On Feb. 22/13 I placed an order for six pairs of glasses for my husband and myself through GreatEyeglasses.com for a total of $212.43. I received them about 2 1/2 weeks later (we are in Canada) and I am very happy with all of them. I had a customer service question, which was answered immediately and professionally, and I would highly recommend them. The order includes a pair of bifocals in a metal frame and prescription sunglasses in a plastic one for my husband, as well as a computer pair, readers, and two pairs of sunglasses one reading (I like to read when passenger in our car) and one distance for driving, all in plastic frames. Now, I have to admit that I have learned a bit about ordering glasses through previous mistakes – I had previously ordered through Zenni Optical (December 14, 2011) and found that not only had I made mistakes (my fault) in sizing the frames and lenses properly, also the frames felt very cheap, and the bottoms of the lenses in the semi-rimless style were not polished and looked unfinished. I returned the order. I then tried out Eyebuydirect.com, but when I had some questions, I found their Chinese customer service unacceptable and gave up on them.

In January of 2012 I gave GreatEyeglasses a try for the first time ($149.69). There was a minor shipping issue as well as a problem with one pair of glasses, and I contacted customer service. I immediately received a response and had my concerns resolved to my satisfaction.

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(Note that Doris included copies of the invoices from both GreatEyeglasses & Zenni for verification when submitting the review. Glad to hear things went well with the GreatEyeglasses order. Thanks Doris!)


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