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Eyeglass Factory Outlet reviews


Note that I haven’t ordered from Eyeglass Factory Outlet myself yet, but any reviews submitted by readers are located below. -Matt


Eyeglass Factory Outlet review by jps

submitted on April 9, 2006

Monday March 13, 2006: I ordered frame “West 9709 Blue Eyeglasses”, adding dark grey tint and UV protection. Total price with shipping: $49.50. These will be used as sunglasses for car washing, lawn mowing, snow shoveling, etc. where I don’t want to risk damage to my “primary” sunglasses (an expensive designer pair).

As I went from page to page through the order process, I noted that the prescription numbers became “jumbled”. I assume (hope!) it’s just the way they’re being displayed on-screen and that the lenses will be manufactured properly.

Immediately after ordering, I received a confirmation email.

A few hours later, another email arrived stating the order status had been updated to “processing”.

Thursday March 16, 2006: Checked credit card activity – EyeGlassFactoryOutlet has charged my card.

Tuesday March 28, 2006: I received an email that afternoon stating the glasses had been shipped on Friday, March 24. I went home and found the glasses in my mailbox.

Shipped in a stiff cardboard box, it would take a lot of weight to crush them. Inside, the glasses were wrapped in styrofoam and placed in a soft case.

My fears about the “jumbled” numbers were unfounded.

No marks of any kind, cut to fit frame exactly.

It’s an inexpensive frame, but that’s not why I give it such a low grade. There is a LOT of play in the right-side hinge. When folded, the arm can move up-and-down almost a full inch (observed at the ear end of the arm). When wearing them, the “grip” on my left side is noticably stronger than on my right. The hinge doesn’t need tightening; I did check that and the screw is as tight as it’s going to get.

These would be a Grade A pair of backup sunglasses if it weren’t for the hinge issue.


I’ve decided to keep them rather than return for repair. It looks like the manufacturing tolerances are poor, not that the person who put them together didn’t do their job properly. They’re comfortable enough to wear, and since they will rarely leave my home property, I can store them in the “open” position to avoid putting stress on the bad hinge. I don’t expect that they’ll break.

Would I buy from EyeglassFactoryOutlet again? To put lenses in my own frame, definitely. Using their frame, it would have to be a frame I really, really wanted.


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