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Eyeglass Direct reviews

Note: This order sat in a box on a shelf from 2009-2013 before being opened for the review in May 2013. Thus, if you’re looking for a recent look at Eyeglass Direct, this review may not be as helpful as you’d hoped. However, if looking for a general review, hopefully you’ll find something here of value. Eyeglass Direct’s prices have remained largely the same since 2009 with the notable exception (for the purposes of this review) that international shipping has increased in price.

Order Placed (Oct 23, 2009): I placed an order for glasses from Eyeglass Direct. I ordered a cheap pair of basic single-vision frames with the standard CR39 lenses ($28). An AR coating added $28 which is definitely at the high end of the spectrum. Shipping to Canada was $8.95.

Order Shipped (Nov 4, 2009): I received a short email that stated the order had been shipped and that I should receive it shortly.

Order Received (Nov 16, 2009): The glasses arrived. The first thing that stuck out was that Eyeglass Direct had paid $2 more for shipping than I had (though their international shipping has since increased).

Order Review (May 11, 2013):
Pictures (click on any of the thumbnails to open a full size picture in a new window)

Eyeglass Direct packaging Eyeglass Direct - overhead view of glasses Eyeglass Direct - Glasses (front view) eyeglass-direct-may-2013-04-glasses-rear
#1 is the packaging along with an overhead view. #2-4 are closer up shots of the glasses themselves. The gunk you see in #4 is actually on the table (the lenses are fine).

Order Review (May 11, 2013 – continued): The glasses were well packaged, with a sturdy case inside. They’d easily survived a couple moves after being received, so no issue there. Frames were basic but seemed solid enough. Lenses had the slightest bit of dust/debris on them, but it washed off easily. The AR coating survived the “hot water test” (which it better for $28….). Really, no issues or concerns to speak of.

Total time between ordering and delivery: 24 days
Time to ship: 12 days
Time in transit: 12 days

Would I buy from Eyeglass Direct again?: I certainly wouldn’t be hesitant based on the quality. Pricing is definitely on the higher end (that $28 AR coating is a killer), but I didn’t have any issues with the glasses themselves. One deterrent would be the lack of pricing on their site until a frame is chosen.

Would I recommend Eyeglass Direct to others?: If they don’t find the pricing hard to swallow, sure. However, note that their site tends to hide prices until you’ve chosen a frame. And prices to tend to be higher than other online retailers. One area where Eyeglass Direct has an upper hand is for those who live in the New York area – they have a physical store (that you can either shop at or pickup your online order from), which could be a plus for those who prefer to have a B&M store to deal with should any issues arise. They’ve also maintained a decent rating with the BBB.


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