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Welcome to EyeglassRetailerReviews.com!

This site is designed for those looking to buy prescription glasses online. Buying glasses online can save you money, and opens you up to a large variety of selection and options.

As you can see on the left side of this page, there are various online retailers listed under two main categories. Clicking on any of the retailer names under "Information" will bring up the page with their information, complete with pricing, information about their website, and everything else I was able to dig up about them. Clicking on any of the retailer names under "Reviews" will bring up a purchase review, complete with pictures and a detailed timeline, as well as recommendations based on my experiences.

February 9 2009 update: The site's received a revamp. If you're seeing this, you're on the old version of the site.
-Head to http://eyeglassretailerreviews.com/index2.html to see the new site!
January 26 2009 update: I've switched servers. I'm also working on a revamp of the site, which will contain updated information on all the retailers, as well as a bunch of new ones. It'll be slightly more pretty and I've got a plan for keeping it up-to-date. There will also be a method to see the old content, so you can see if reviews, thoughts, and opinions on the retailers have changed at all over the course of the last few years.
Warning: This site was created in 2006, and while pricing/information was correct at the time, it is no longer completely accurate in many cases. Where there have been serious issues, I have made an update (for example the warning about VALUEglasses). The forums do exist for those seeking new information/input, and you're always free to email me if you have questions about a specific retailer, but as always, I strongly suggest you do your own research before making a decision, and use this site as a guildeline/aid to *help* you make your decision - not to make it for you. Since the inception of this site, other great sites have developed, and I recommend getting as much information from everywhere you can.

For anyone looking for contact lenses, I've started up another site for those retailers specifically, Contact Lens Retailer Reviews . Slowly but surely I'm trying to get quite a few retailers listed throughout the next few weeks, but there are a huge amount so it's going to take some time. If you have comments on any of them or have any in mind that you think I should add, please let me know!

I welcome any input, although I ask that it be kept constructive. If you know of a site that isn't listed, and you'd like it reviewed, feel free to contact me. If you have purchased from, or had any good/bad experiences with an online eyeglass retailer, please post about it in the forums. I'd also like to hear about it. I can be reached at eyeglassretailerreviews@gmail.com.