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Just Lenses


Just Lenses is based in the US with pricing in USD. They accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. They apparently accept money orders as well if you order by mail instead of online. They ship internationally to anywhere in the world. They have a phone number, fax, email, and mailing address listed as contact info on their site.



Yet another Lens.com spinoff. I'm starting to think they're trying to corner the market by having the majority of the online contact lens stores, even if they're all exactly the same and all come from the same place. Something to note, if you create an account on even 1 of the Lens.com or sister sites, you can log in to any of the others with the same account information. For now anyway, they all seem to have exactly the same pricing. Check out the Lens.com review or any of the sister sites for more details.

Again, not a lot of talk about them on the web that I could find. The BBB has them on file with 12 complaints that were resolved and 1 "no response" complaint.



To compare online stores, I use the pricing for a *single* box of daily, 1-2 week, and monthly lenses made by CIBA. If you get 2 boxes (1 for each eye, only necessary if your eyes have different prescriptions), you can double the expected supply listed below.

Granted, you may be looking for other lenses, but this should give a general idea of what to expect when comparing prices.


Focus Dailies New Vues (1-2 week) Night & Day (1 month)
Lenses/box 90 (45 day supply) 6 (3-6 week supply) 6 (3 month supply)
Price $35.95 $17.95 $44.95
Total shipped to US $46.24 $27.07 $55.82
Total shipped to Canada $51.24 $32.07 $60.82


Prices current as of Jan 20, 2008. There are also faster shipping methods available via FedEx within the US at an additional cost.

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