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Q: Do I need to mail/fax my prescription when I buy contacts online?

A: No. When you order, there is usually a section where you simply enter in your prescription information. Make sure you enter it in correctly! Depending on your country, you may also have to provide your optometrist's information so that the retailer can verify your prescription. However, if you lost your prescription or it's old/outdated, you can usually order from a retailer outside of your country, as they're usually not obligated to verify info for customers in other countries.


Q: I've never used/worn contact lenses before. Is it still a good idea to buy online?

A: Probably not. Your first screening should be from an optometrist/optician. That way you will receive proper information directly on how to care for and clean your lenses. The reasoning for this is because improper cleaning as well as leaving them in too long can lead to permanent eye damage and even blindness. The first time putting them in can also be tricky too. Other benefits are that local retailers and doctors can notice contact related reactions quicker. If you decide to get your first set of contacts online anyway, read up on how to clean and care for your lenses, make sure your hands are clean when you put them in, initially only wear them for short periods of time, and at the first sign of any trouble, go to your eye doctor.


Q: Is there a difference between the contact lenses I buy online and the ones I buy in stores?

A: No. Unlike some eyeglass retailers, none of the contact lens retailers actually make the contact lenses. They're simply selling brand-name contact lenses, just like the regular stores. The manufacturer remains unchanged.


Q: Is buying online safe?

A: Buying contact lenses online is no different from buying anything else online. One way to ensure a buyer's personal safety is by using reputable companies or someone you have heard about. If ever in doubt on a company's reputation to its customers please check the BBB website for further information about them, and search through forums to see what others have to say.


Q: What if I have a problem with a retailer?

A: First, contact the retailer. It's entirely possible that issues will occur beyond the retailer's control  (manufacturing defect, etc), and mistakes on the retailers part can and do happen from time to time (incorrect prescription, wrong product, shipping error, etc). Regardless of the circumstance, give the retailer the opportunity to resolve the situation. Most of the time they'll have contact information on their website. If you're not getting a response by email, try phoning. Make at least a few attempts.

Start documenting your attempts at communication, including times, dates, and the names of anyone you spoke to. This will be extremely helpful if it becomes necessary to involve the BBB or your credit card company.

If communication with the retailer fails to provide results, contact the Better Business Bureau ( http://complaints.bbb.org/ or navigate the http://www.bbb.org website). Involving the BBB often increases the chance of success when dealing with retailer issues. If the company fails to resolve the complaint or attempt to come to a resolution, it will count as a strike against their BBB rating.

Another option is to contact your credit card company and dispute the charge on your credit card. Note that most credit card companies offer this option, although there is typically a "grace period" of time in which you have to dispute the charge. This is often a very effective method of getting your money back. Contact your credit card company for more details as well as the pros and cons of forcing a chargeback.

Finally, regardless of the outcome, spread the word. Word of mouth is the most powerful tool in driving business for retailers. If the retailer was happy to resolve the situation, let others know through forums, etc. If you were forced to contact the retailer multiple times, contacted the BBB, or reversed the charge on your credit card, that's certainly information that would help others who are trying to decide whether or not to order from that retailer. I'd also love to hear about your experiences, good or bad. If I receive enough feedback about a retailer that's ripping off customers, I'll be sure to post a warning about them, similar to the one you'll find on another of my sites here.


Q: How can I contact you?

A: I can be reached at eyeglassretailerreviews AT gmail DOT com.  Due to time constraints as well as the sheer volume of email I receive, I may not be able to get back to you right away, but I assure you your message will be read.


Q: My prescription has expired, but my current contact lens's work fine and I'm still able to buy contacts online even with the expired prescription. Is there any need to go back to the eye doctor, or am I just throwing away money by getting an unnecessary check-up?

A: I would certainly recommend that you still see your eye doctor on a regular basis. Issuing a prescription is just a small part of what the eye doctor does. They also look for and diagnose other issues you may not be aware of. For example, they check the interior of the eye for a variety of things, many of which can cause permanent blindness if not diagnosed & treated quickly. The few dollars saved by not seeing your eye doctor is not worth the risk of having a condition go untreated to the point where it causes permanent damage.

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