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Discount Contact Lenses
"Same Lenses, Discount Prices"



Discount Contact Lenses is located in the US. Pricing in USD, CAD, GBP, Euro, and JPY. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover/Novus, Paypal, Google Checkout, Electronic Check (requiring bank info & drivers license info), and the option to phone/fax card info. "Bill me Later" is listed as an option as well. They ship internationally. Methods of contact include local & toll free phone/fax numbers, email, and a mailing address. The BBB has them listed as AC Lens with a rating of "A+" with a total of 7 complaints, all of which were resolved/closed.



Discount Contact Lenses seems to be run from the same location as "AC Lens". The websites are set up in a similar fashion, the BBB has them listed as the same, and they share both an address as well as fax numbers.

The website is pretty well designed. A minor issue when adding a box of lenses is that by default it will add both a box for the left and right lens. Therefore if you only want 1 box, you have to click Edit and then remove the additional box. If you're order isn't above the free-shipping threshold, a little icon shows up at the start of the order, right under the shipping selection which lets you know that if you increase the order amount you'll qualify for free shipping. If you already do qualify it doesn't show up at all. Note that free shipping does not apply to international customers. Towards the bottom there's a "Special Comments or Instructions" box which you can fill out if necessary. The next page for those in the US is the "doctor info" page where you can either manually put in your Doctor's name and phone number, or search through their index. There is also an option on that page to fax in your prescription to save time, or even to scan & email it in. Finally, you get to the page where you choose the payment option, including by credit card, Paypal, electronic cheque, or a Fax/Phone option.

A couple minor irritations with the ordering process, but they only apply to international customers. First of all, even though international customers don't qualify for free shipping, the icon still comes up encouraging you to increase your order amount for free shipping, even once you've selected a non-US country. Second, all of the payment options show up, even though I'm pretty sure international customers won't be able to ue the Electronic Check option (the others should still be fine though). I realize I'm nit-picking here, but fixing those small things would bring the process from "impressive" to "pretty much perfect".

It wasn't very tough to find info from others on Discount Contact Lenses, and the majority of people had good experiences. Some had issues with the length of time it took to receive their order, but customer service was generally considered pretty top notch.



To compare online stores, I use the pricing for a *single* box of daily, 1-2 week, and monthly lenses made by CIBA. Remember that if you have a different prescription for each eye, you will need to buy 2 boxes - one for each eye. If you have the same prescription in each eye, you can buy one box, but remember that 30 lenses really means 15 lenses per eye when calculating how long they'll last.

Granted, you may be looking for other lenses, but this should give a general idea of what to expect when comparing prices - make sure you take note of how many lenses there are in each box to determine how long they're last.

Focus Dailies Focus 1-2 week Night & Day (1 month)
Lenses/box 90 6 6
Price $37.85 $17.95 $48.95
Total shipped to US $44.80 $24.90 $55.90
Total shipped to Canada $47.80 $27.90 $58.90
Total Shipped Internationally $52.80 $32.90 $63.90

There are also faster shipping methods available at an additional cost.




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