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Online Eyeglass Retailer Information and Reviews

You're visiting the old version of this page. That's okay, since it's still somewhat relevant, but I started handling these through the contact page.

Review Submission

Have you purchased from a retailer and would like to share your own review? Simply send an email to eyeglassretailerreviews@gmail.com with the details.

Now, first a few notes about the method in which to write the review:

  1. You can use whatever format you like. A format similar to the one used on the site is recommended, but not required. You could even do your review in essay format if you wanted to. It really doesn't matter.
  2. You do not have to worry about proper text formatting, indentation, or anything similar. All I'm really looking for is the information, and I'll adapt it to fit the site.
  3. Give as much detail as possible. Attach pictures if you can.
  4. Accuracy is important. If you don't remember a detail (for example, the exact date you ordered your glasses), don't guess. For example, if you know you ordered your glasses somewhere between the 2nd and 10th of January, rather than guessing the day, simply say they were ordered in early January.
  5. Be as truthful and unbiased as possible. If you had a bad experience with a retailer, write about it, but don't exaggerate or make false claims. The same applies if you had a good experience. Be truthful, but don't speak more highly of the retailer than they deserve. Remember that others may buy from a retailer based on what you've written. If you've spoken too highly of a retailer, another buyer may have higher expectations than they should, and will be disappointed after they've made their purchase.

I can't promise that I'll put up all reviews, but as long as your review is well written, chances are high that I will. Note that I reserve the right edit or change things in the review at my own discretion.

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