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You're visiting the old version of this page. That's okay, since I haven't had more "final words" since these were written. But newer words can be found in the main area of the site if you're interested!

Final Words

As you have seen, the eyeglass retailers can vary greatly from one another. Some have great prices, some have great sites, some have more lens and frame options than others, and so on.

As I order from these retailers, I am going to be updating the site with my experiences. The old adage "you can't judge a book by it's cover" can often ring true when shopping online, and therefore I feel that information about one's experiences with a product/retailer are just as important as the information about the retailer's site itself.

Keep in mind that ordering from online retailers is not for everyone, especially when it comes to something as important as eyeglasses. You can't see, feel, or try on the frames before you buy, you can't exactly walk into the optician's store during business hours to make sure any problems or concerns are well taken care of, and let's face it... mistakes can be made, quality can be poor, and you just don't know what your glasses are really going to be like until they show up at your door.

For those who have already bought their glasses online, let me know how things went with your purchase by emailing me at eyeglassretailerreviews@gmail.com. This site is by no means anywhere near completion, and there are still sites to be added, frame and lens options to be reviewed, glasses to be ordered, and more.

Stay tuned in the weeks ahead!

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