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Eyeglass Direct

"contemporary eyewear - factory direct prices"



Eyeglass Direct is located in New York (USA). Pricing in USD. They sell frames with single-vision, bi-focal, and progressive lenses. They have a toll-free phone/fax number, direct phone/fax number, email address, and physical address listed on their "contact us" page. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express as methods of payment.


For those who are worried that the glasses they buy might not look right on them, Eyeglass Direct's guarantee might be what you're looking for. It states that "If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the style or fit of our product, we offer a 30-day unconditional exchange policy." Keeping in mind that most eyeglass retailers simply give you a 50% credit towards a new pair, this is very nice to see. Unfortunately this guarantee does not come cheap, as pricing on their basic frames & lenses is at the higher end of the spectrum, close to the $40 mark.

Many aspects of the website are similar to the 39dollarglasses site. Again, you can print the frames to actual size, and they have 12 pictures available for each frame so you can see what the frame looks like on people with various head shapes. The one large downside to Eyeglass Direct is the order page. It could really use some cosmetic improvement, as well as some functionality improvement. Since there is more detail later on in the review, I'll sum it up by saying it feels clunky and glitchy.

Single-vision glasses start at $38. Bi-focals start at $85. This includes polycarbonate lenses with anti-scratch and anti-UV.

Eyeglass Direct is a member of the BBB, which has given them a rating of "satisfactory", with 3 complaints which were all resolved.


(includes frame)
Single Vision Polycarbonate $38.00   Bifocals Flat Top 28 Polycarbonate $79.00
Single Vision Polycarbonate + AR coating $66.00 Bifocals Flat Top 28 Polycarbonate + AR coating $107.00
Single Vision 1.67 Super-thin High Index Lens $85.00 Bifocals Progressive No-Line Poly $85.00
Single Vision 1.67 Super-thin High Index Lens + AR coating $113.00 Bifocals Progressive No-Line Poly + AR Coating $113.00
Single Vision Next Generation Transitions Lenses $85.00 Progressive No-Line Poly Quantum Transitions $185.00
Single Vision Next Generation Transitions Lenses + AR coating $113.00 Prog No-Line Poly Quant Trans + AR Coating $213.00
Single Vision Quantum Transitions Lenses $125.00
Single Vision Quantum Transitions Lenses + AR coating $153.00
Fashion Tint (grey brown blue pink rose yellow) +$8.00
Sunglass Tint (grey brown) (bifocals only) (lens material will be CR39 instead of polycarbonate) +$8.00
USPS First Class (US) +$4.95
USPS Priority (US) +$5.95
USPS Express (US) +$15.95
USPS Global Priority (International) +$7.95

Basic Single Vision glasses will run you $42.95 after shipping in the US, $45.95 after shipping Internationally.
Basic Progressive glasses will run you $83.95 after shipping in the US, $86.95 after shipping Internationally.

Website Ratings

Category Rating Details
Website Good Some aspects of the site are great. Layout, organization, and the ability to see frames on different people are all very nice. However, the order page looks like it was designed by someone else entirely. For example, when you browse the "Bifocals & Progressive" section, you are under the impression that frames with bifocals are $85, since that's the pricing displayed. However when you select them at the order page, they are actually $79. It is in fact the progressive no-line lenses that are $85. Another odd quirk is that when you are at the order page for certain frames (for example, single-vision Athens) and select tint, and then try to de-select tint, it will not deselect, and upon clicking "Add To Cart", you will either get tint, or get the message "No LensColor selected for Fashion Tint". Besides those issues, the rest of the order page just plain feels 'clunky'. It's a shame to put so much into the rest of the site and have an order page that might scare away some potential customers. I would have given the order page a rating of either poor or acceptable, and the rest of the site a rating of great, but since I don't have separate sections, I've combined those ratings into one rating of "good".
Selection Good Metal, Plastic, Flexible, Children's, and Bifocals are the frame options that can be selected. Each have a fair share of frames to choose from. They also have Rimless Titanium offered, which brings you through a pretty neat set of selection options to get your final set of frames.
Frame Info Great Dimensions are given, a PDF can be printed to get actual size, and frames can be seen on a variety of different faces to give you an idea of what they might look like on you. Color is given and in many cases only 1 color is offered (in which case no selection box appears), so pay attention to the color given and make sure it's the color you want.
Lens Options Good Single vision are offered in basic polycarbonate, high index, and 2 types of transitions lenses (grey or brown). Bifocals are offered in basic polycarbonate, progressive polycarbonate, and transitions progressive polycarbonate (no color selection for transitions). Fashion Tint available on non-transitions lenses.
Value Acceptable Pricing is definitely higher than most of the retailers reviewed here. The pricing is for polycarbonate lenses though, so if you are looking for polycarbonate in particular, pricing might be cheaper than elsewhere. Also, depending on your situation, their guarantee may help to make the price worthwhile ("If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the style or fit of our product, we offer a 30-day unconditional exchange policy."). Eyeglass Direct is one of the few retailers who have a "satisfactory" rating with the BBB. Between that, and their liberal exchange policy, I'd expect that any problems you may encounter will probably be addressed appropriately.

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